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Standing on the promises of God

by Pastor Neal | Sept 16th, 2012

William Penn, the founder of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, was well liked by the Indians. Once they told him he could have as much of their land as he could encompass on foot in a single day. So, early the next morning he started out and walked until late that night. When he finally went to claim his land, the Indians were greatly surprised, for they really didn’t think he would take them seriously. But they kept their promise and gave him a large area, which today is part of the city of Philadelphia. William Penn simply believed what they said. Should we do less with God!

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Traveling by Trust

by Pastor Neal | Sept 16th, 2012

Last week I was once again traveling to Atlanta, and I was heading to a place where I had never been before; I remember being on the phone with someone from the church discussing an upcoming event (She asked an interesting question… she said Rev. Neal do you know where you are going, and I said absolutely not. Well she said I will let you go concentrate on how to get there, but what is your plan on getting to your destination? I said I am simply trusting in my GPS navigation system. I have not doubts the GPS will get me where I need to be. I hung up the phone and the system began to tell me what direction to go, when to turn, which direction to turn, and how many miles to go. What I was doing was trusting in this system to get me to my destination. Yes, I did arrive to my destination and when I did … I simple heard the words you have arrived at your destination.

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