Pastor's Corner

How to avoid a spiritual virus

Hebrews 12:12 – 1 7

We spent millions of dollars developing vaccines to avoid contracting viruses that are harmful to our bodies. Computer hackers and even small time PC operators like me spend money buying virus protections for our PC and laptops, but what about our Spirits, how do we vaccinate, or protect our Spirits from contracting a virus?

We must be willing to pray and strengthen each other along this journey of like. Our prayers help strengthen us and protect from getting a spiritual virus. In other words prayer strengthens our spiritual immune system.

We also must be willing to walk the right paths of life. Going down the wrong path can cause us to become spiritually sick.

Have you ever noticed that if you spend time around a person that is sick with a cold or another type of virus that you sometimes find yourself sick? The same thing is true about being spiritually sick, you have to be careful who you spend time with; because they can cause you to become spiritually sick.

Do everything possible to avoid getting a spiritual virus!

Be Blessed,

Pastor Corey J. Neal



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